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I have a CE5000-60 which used to work great. I disconnected it for a month or two and during that time I must have gone through some updates. I now run OS X El Capitan (10.11.1), Illustrator CC2015 with the cutting master 3 plugin. When I send a job from illustrator to cutting master, it just gets stuck on syncing. Nothing happens.


I have checked to make sure that the cutter is on GP-GL, which is one of the main issues I have read with communication problems. But even with the right setting, it still doesn't work!


Has anyone else had any issues that are similar? Could it be my OS or illustrator version or something that I just can't seem to find?


Any help is greatly appreciated.

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I run a different setup than you (usc tc + mac + scal pro ) but i remember having a similar syncing issue after upgrading osx awhile back.. had to revert back to my old setup. Pretty sure it was an issue with SCAL pro.. After that happened, whenever there's an osx update I backup my entire drive (just incase) and then apply the new osx update.. i know that doesn't help your current situation but it's a little tip for future reference

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