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11 OZ mugs for sublimation??

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I have been told by a restarurant owner that the cups I sublimate ( from US Cutter) are thin and they wont last long in a restaurant setting.

Have anyone had experence in this?   

and/or where can I get the thicker mugs to sublimate? 



How does the sublimation image last in a restuarant?

thank you


Lakewood Graphics

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george there is a big difference in sublimation mugs, but not sure any are really restaurant quality as those are usually a thicker and stronger mugs.  I used to get some from joto that were similar to what you describe as weaker that the ones I get from marck (owners of cactus wrap)  you will find the more expensive ones will last better than the cheapest ones you can find to buy.  that is even true with conde - they have different quality of mugs and the more expensive ones are a bit tougher.  the reason I switched to marck is 2 fold - the coating is always even and the mugs are better quality and they always double box - which cost more but I have never had a broken mug from them.  with that said you do have to have a tax id and go thru the paperwork to be approved to buy from them

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