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SC34 Cutter problems solved. Finally!!

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I bought an sc34 in 2009 for the EBay store portion of our company.  Worked awesome for about 4 years, the last year she was showing signs of age so I bought another sc34 about 6 months ago.


Had nothing but problems, inconsistent cuts, bad tracking, up & down pressure issues, etc.  Well I got a new MB and cartridge for the new machine and it didnt change a thing.  I got US Cutter to send me an entire new machine.  This one too was doing the SAME thing??  So I was ready to throw this thing in the trash and I gave the boys in tech one last shot at helping me.  I got a GREAT Guy this time and we did everything you could.  So He asks what software am I using and I said sign cut pro.  He says have you ever tried the free one we sent with the machine?  I said no I haven't.  I like signcut pro and I was used to it.  SO He said the ONLY left to do is switch software just to see if the problem persists.  All I can say is with the free disc of sure cuts alot did the trick.  This machine has NEVER EVER been so well behaved, even on small detailed items!!  I cannot believe that the software was the issue!!!  Hope this helps some of you with similar issues!! Happy cutting!!

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