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Does anybody do embroidery?

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I have a client that is looking for some embroidered hats to go along with a T-shirt order I am fulfilling. I will have all the artwork set up and ready to go and can even purchase the hats if necessary. I will be using a solid color logo and depending on hat color will most likely be white or black thread. Thanks in advance!


Attached is a photo of her last hat design to give an idea. The font/logo will be updated but will be using the same style hats and same relative size for the embroidery. 


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Have you tried using a hat press and htv. I use




Gecko Flex

Or thicker htv

Till I get my embroidery Machine. the flock leaves no lines at all and you can press over seems. here is a few hats I did 2 personal well all cause we own the carwash. the last hats I did our works disappeared after they got the shirts and hats lol the hats were snapbacks. theses are the $1 hats now.





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