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Question about printing out of various programs

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I have the 3110. When set up, Conde remoted in and set up to print out of AI. I was playing around one day and printed out of SCAL4P, and it appeared everything was as it should have been. It pulled up the Conde profile and everything. My question is, being I'm dumb as to how the color profiles actually work, is should it be the same as far as printing out of any of the software I have? Or would there be a risk of a possible color variation if it isn't setup in a certain program? I have a couple files I want to cut a white glitter base and print a sublimation pattern to sub onto the white. When I set it up to print in AI, and sent the base to SCAL4P, there was a size differential. If it prints as it should, I could just do one file; hide the print image and cut hte base, then print the image and everything be the same size.

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