Help cutting siser holograph

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I am having no luck cutting the holograph from siser. I have wasted about 5 feet. I have got the blade the right height and when I put in the machine to cut it wont cut it all the way through, or if it does it rips as I try to weed it. Plus cant see to weed it. Any suggestions? What blade do you use? I have titan 2 cutter.

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I haven't tried the holographic.  I imagine it is about the same for this discussion as the glitter.  A 60 degree blade seems to work better with correct offset.  More force is needed, 180-200 grams seems to be my range.  Again, assuming it is like the glitter.


I mention this, because I did it once, make sure its not loaded upside down.


I have found that on HTV if you warm your press up to about 300 f lay the cut HTV on the press for about 5-10 seconds, but DON'T press, the warmed up htv weeds easier.


Instead of going for your final design, just cut a small circle or square at a time and weed it as a test until you hit the sweet spot.  Maybe even use the cutters test cut function.


Make sure the blade isn't sticking out too far from the holder.  

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