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Whiskey or rock glasses?

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Some of the guys are asking about whiskey glasses for imprinting.
I looked around and can't seem to find any.

I'm guessing they are 8 oz or 10 oz.

Anyone have a source?

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Yeah, it's looking like I need to get that Dyepress pack and do my own whiskey glasses.
Sometimes you gotta do what folks are asking for.  :D


These guys want the "rock glasses" or whiskey glasses. 
They aren't into shot glasses, they want something they can put ice and Johnnie Walker in.  :lol:


Cause I know these guys, they won't let up until I get them what they want.

I had one guy pester me for a year about painting a polar bear on his Harley split tanks.

I tried getting him to take it somewhere else, because I was swamped. He waited.  :(


And it looks like the glasses I'm looking for are about $6 each.
And once I get the Dyepress, then I gotta figure out a wrap for them.
Might have to custom make something.

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I spent a lot of years on both sides of a bar..... a whiskey glass or "highball" glass is usually between 6oz and 8oz.  6 is usually normal and 8 would be considered "tall".  Tall just meaning more mixer not more liquor..... most people that order "tall" don't know that.

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