sign warehouse branded graphtec?

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there is a reason they have classes at college for corel, ai etc - this is much cheaper than doing that.  the software is essentially flexi pro which cost over $2500.  there is a lot to learn as goose said and if you have the time you can read the help section and watch youtube to learn many things.  marks dvd's offer a all in one place to learn the functions much like taking a college class on the software.  if you was asking about learning notepad or wordpad I can understand not wanting to pay for learning but when you get into more advanced design software it can be well worth the price.  no disrespect meant but if you have never used vector graphics before and only used raster like the pictures off your camera there is a lot of learning to do - to do it right and efficiently.  this is a new critter all together if you are used to manimulating pixels and not using arcs and nodes

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