Graphtec FC 2250 operating in tilted position / noise / sound

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Hello All!

I'm using 2x FC2250 plotters. One for 8 years and 1 for 6 years already. Both in tilted position, table is about 55-60 degr. to horizontal. I'm concerning about behavior of the pen block while in "pause" - top-right position. The thing is that in this position Y-motor seems to get a signal that penblock moves down for a micron, so it makes step up, then block moves again down and so on with frequency of 30-50 Hz.

As a result, the Y-motor in PAUSE produces a buzzing noise or, sometimes, rhythmic sound like "UP-down-down-Up-down-down" with frequency of 2-3 Hz.

I'm concerning of this, because the Y-motor is expensive (you wouldn't believe that in Finland it is 800 euro and in Russia it is 500 euro!!! Stupid and not the best servo-motor!) On my old plotter I've already replaced one (thanks to Ukraine - bought there for just $200, as this amount now is huge there). The motor damage was the wear-out bearing, so I made a conclusion that unnecessary movement is bad for this motor...

So my questions for FC2250/2240 owners and technical guys:

1. Does your plotter produces the same thing with the same sound?
2. May be the reason of this wrong (excessive/weak) Y-motor's belt tension? Actually while installing the new motor, I had no gauge so I set the tension just "feel to be the same" as it was...
3. Is it any deep settings of 2250 to make HOME position not top-right but bottom-right? This will also save a Y-motor yield with no inconvenience at all...

Many thanks to all!

PS: If needed I could share the source of really cheap (couple of bucks) and fairly reliable CB15U blades. I'm cutting hard film, mylar 125 mic, and one blade works for two-three moths! Also I found a good supplier of CB15U blade's holder, for $15 and it works fine, cut preciously and so far works for 6 months without visible signs to be dead...

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Sad. Sometimes I feel like I'm only one 2250 user in a world although Russian distributor state they sell 100 units per year so it must be almost 1000 on Russia only.

It seems I bought both Graphtec totally sold.

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