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pricing this? and doing this?

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So, I was asked for a quote today to fix a pre-existing light-box sign, for a new restaurant in our area..


First (top to pictures in attachment)

They want me to replace the decals on the "shopping center roadside sign" for them on both sides (obviously just the one for their business)

It is made up of one large substrate with taped off sections for each business. So, it seems I will just remove the existing ~4'x~1.5~ decal on each side and replace it with thier logo in vinyl. I do not print.


Next (bottom pics in attachment)

They want the top lightbox repaired and stuck with their logo. It is the "house shaped box"

It's probably about 8' wide just to give an estimate.

They said the lights do not work but their electrician said there is power out to the ballast.

So my electrician said he would replace he ballast, at cost plus 2 hours labor @ ~$70/hour

Also the plastic face is gone.


Here's what I do not know:


How much should I charge? I haven't done a job like this so I don't wanna price it wrong.

Using the "shop rate" plan from another thread I came up with:

Materials not including the plastic because I don't know where to get it 165.22 + 3.5 hours labor ($75/hour) = 427.72 + tax (Plus the [plastic for the large light box)

In addition to this they would be paying the electricians fees for the light repair.

Any thoughts?


What is the plastic?

I'm guessing Lexan Polycarbonate which could be pretty expensive but I don't even know where to get it or how it mounts/sits/stays in the sign box?



Thanks in advance guys!

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