New Graphtec 6000-60; having trouble setting it up...

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I got scalp when they first offered it at that discount price of what.... like 50 bucks.  Tried it and never liked it.  Went back to corel and sign blazer.   I hear so much good stuff about flexi..... but I am good where I am at.  (for the time being)

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26 minutes ago, vmetoyer said:

can someone share settings on graphtech 6000 and scal4p unable to get software to see cutter.

windows or mac?

did you install the graphtec drivers first?

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53 minutes ago, vmetoyer said:

Windows scal4p has been in use for a few years just purchased graphtec and yes downloaded drivers can operate from graphtec software

hopefully someone will be along that has scalp - I tried it and deleted it years ago but now someone has the info they need to offer advice.  I do know on some software you have to select HPGL language on the cutter and I believe the graphtec software uses GPGL.
if you bought the cutter new you can go to the graphtec site and download the graphtec pro studio that is flexi pro rebranded (over $2K software if you purchase separately.  scalp was designed for the cricut hobby cutter.  some find it easier but no where near the power of the GPS software

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