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Hello guys n gals,


I hope someone could get me out of this very annoying problem.


I just bought a Graphtec Ce-6000 and im trying to do a print and cut.

But when it starts cutting it does it on a very different spot then where the image is.


I use:


Adobe illustrator CC with the Cutting master 3 plugin.

And for this using Neenah transfer paper A3 size.


I made a print layer and a cut layer with registration marks. i then print it and then send it to Cutting master 3.

But it seems it doesn't seem to find the registration marks. I think it doesn't even search for them.

But ARMS is on..


What am i dong wrong? I hope someone can tell me.

And what are the correct settings to use?


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Menu >>> IF >>> Command >>> GP-GL


That should fix your problem. Also, make the registration marks as thick as possible.

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Thanks for your replies. 

I have seen and used that video many times tho. Its also set on GP-GL


Its just off all the time. always to the left its seems almost 10 cm and a few cm down as well.

When it starts it doesn't look for registration marks it just starts cutting.

And maybe im doing something wrong with the placement?


Any more ideas or solutions??

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Be sure you are setting the media and orientation properly.

I had to uninstall CM3 it does not work on my laptop for

some reason.  I have a Windows 7...  It was to glitchy so

I let it go and went back to CM2 where I had no problems.

CM3 has a lot of new features I'll have to wait until they

fix the bugs in the current one as of now...

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Set the origin point on the proper registration mark.  The

GCRP can read the Regs manually from the control

plotter software.  Read the marks manually, do not turn on the

search marks feature.  See if that can you get over the ARMS problem...


Or you might have the marks too close to the top or too close the bottom the material.

Its ok to have less room on the sides of you material, but the top and the bottom of the

material must have some space.  Take you registration marks in more closer if you're

having problems.  I'm not sure bout the accurate measurements.  Those marks can drive

you crazy, but its so many different reasons why things can be going wrong.

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