oramask or greenstar 7000/7010 for stencils

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I am looking for a product to use to make reusable stencils that can be cut with my vinyl cutter.  I have looked into the oramask and greenstar 7000/7010 paint mask vinyl.  I am making signs out of mostly wood and would use the stencils to paint using spray or acrylic paints.  I use vinyl scraps all the time to make stencils for this purpose, but they are not reusable.  I see in the greenstar products that one has adhesive backing and the other doesn't.  Not sure which would work better, but if it is reusable can it be washed after use?  Any suggestions?:huh:

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honestly we've looked into re-usable stencils in the past and we still just use one time use paint mask.  you get the cleanest lines

with an adhesive backed vinyl.  If you are trying to make a reusable stencil it really can't have an adhesive back and you end up with a lot of "overspray"


we use 3M gerber paint mask.

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