twisting an image?

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I have a client that wants a checkered tile with the effect as it's going around a round pipe.


Can Corel do this?  If so, how?



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I am assuming you mean CorelDraw and not Photo Paint  It can do it, but bear in mind that  CoreDraw is a 2d drawing program.   As such, you have to apply some artistry to drawing 3d shapes.  There isn't a simple button, filter or effect to generate a 3d object.  


The same skills you would use to draw a 3d object by hand are going to apply such as shading, lighting, and perspective.  


Here is an Illustrator tutorial on making something similar.  I couldn't find a CorelDraw one, however the same technique can be used in Draw, just the tools have different names.  This isn't exactly how to draw what your attempting, but it is in the ballpark.


That sample picture you gave, looks like it may have been made in some type of 3d modeling software, like 3ds Max or Blender, but one can't ever be sure.

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