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Blade problems

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I have a MH series cutter and started having problems with the blade.  It doesn't seem to keep the pressure that I set it on. I used to cut at 40-50 pressure but now it will cut a sample piece fine but when I cut the design its like it looses the pressure then I can't weed the design. I have changed to a new blade but still didn't work. I have not logged a ticket has anyone else had this problem?


Looking forward to hearing your experiences. Thanks in advance.


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Please try the following:


Please set your blade pressure to 100, and set your blade to be only as exposed as your material is thick. You can do so by holding the blade holder in your hand completely vertical and drawing a straight line in your vinyl. Adjust the blade until it will only cut through the vinyl and not the backing.


Then check to ensure the white wheels on the back of the carriage (the box that moves left and right) are actually sitting in the track.


Lastly, press the origin button and check to see if the blade moves up and down properly. It should touch the vinyl if nothing is wrong and move back up.


If none of this works, please give us a call during working hours at 425-902-1302.

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