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CTO630 "working laser" on LCD when sending commands from PC

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I have just purchased a PCUT CTO630.


All of the operations are working on the control pad in "offline mode" but as soon as I set it to "online" and try to send it a command from the PC, the cutter LCD just displays "working laser" and nothing happens.


How can I fix this problem?


The software I have tried is SignCut Pro and SignBlazer.


I have set up the cutter preferences how the tutorials have said to yet I still receive this problem and I cannot find a solution to it anywhere.


I have tried it with both USB and serial connections.



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Hi, i see that you have posted regarding a different issue with this cutter since posting about the "working laser" issue so I assume you have managed to sort this, could you please post what the issue was, i'm having the same issue.



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I think that baud rate was wrong I set to 38400 and it works

But I had the same issue and i was beginning my head against a brick wall and saw something somewhere regards the baud rate and it worked

Although I don't have much luck using the cutter with signcut it always stops halfway through the job

I have had more luck with signblazer elements which seems to work fine although the program itself is rather ugly and hard to navigate and get used to

I wanted to use signcut because of the plugin for illustrator you can just export the design and that's it done with

Signblazers a mess in that aspect

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