K40 III Laser engraver

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I bought a k40 III laser engraver months ago on craigslist. I got the engraver, fan system, water pump, a dongle and software. When I tried loading the software it would not load and found a crack in the disk. I contacted the company in china about the software but was told that being that I didn't buy from them I couldn't get the software. I know that the engraver works because I engraved some with my sign blazer. The only problem was it didn't cut the laser off when moving from one letter or object always connecting them with a line between. Does anyone have any suggestions.

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Corel does drive ( directly ) a number of items. Vinyl Cutters - Lasers - and from my OWN experience, it will run New Hermes / Gravograph and Roland engravers , by using a standard HPGL / Graphtec CE1000 / 2000 driver.


I even have it running my recently purchased MK2 cutters DIRECTLY with the MH MK2 driver.

I have used Corel as my ONLY sign cutting / engraving software for 12 years !

It is much better than any others I have experienced.



Convert your text / graphics to hairline outlines - no fills - convert to curves .... and GO !


It may very well run your engraver as well, since just about EVERY other software is a modified copy of Corel.



A-1 Quik Signs

Woodruff, SC

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