SC Cutter is adding 2cm to long cuts

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I miss anything or leave out any details please let me know.


I have a new US Cutter SC 34". I've calibrated it using SignCut and mesured the 12x12 square, it measures perfectly. I cut with SCAL Pro. All decals and small cuts work great. I even have a tiny version of the Space Needle that came out great!


But this is the current issue I'm having; Long cuts are adding 1-4cm to each cut. I have two 90.5cm x 4.5cm cuts and two 61cm x 4.5cm. These are created with Corel Draw (exported as SVG) and imported into SCAL Pro (imported as SVG). They show up fine, in SCAL pro the dimensions come over fine. The problem is the cutting, they cut over. They are cutting at 94.5cm x 4.5cm and 62cm x 4.5cm... So the small 4.5cm is cutting fine but the long cuts are an issue.


Has anyone had issues with this? I've searched everywhere and can't fine anything. I thought it had to do with a tolerance issue, but that seems not to exsist.



Thanks for your help!



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It sounds like you are having a problem with the pressure of the rollers when tracking -- the vinyl may not be advancing properly.

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Is there a way to adjust the pressure of the rollers? I could see it being an issue with the pressure, but it seems like if the pressure was wrong, the cuts would be shorter not longer. And as you can see by my orginal post, the second cut which is almost twice as long, is adding almost double.

I thought it may be a tolerance issue as it seems to be stacking up the longer the distance...there is no settings to adjust for that though.

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I found the solution. With a little help from the US Cutter Support. I found I can change the resolution of the cutter under Cutter> Cut With US Cutter > Next to model select Settings. I had to do a few test by changing the resolution up and down and used the Pen instead of the balde as to not waste vinyl (i flipped the roll of vinyl over and used that to draw).  As a side note this didn't affect the width cut.


:I had it at:  

                   X Resolution 1.0   

                   Y Resolution 1.0


:changed it too:

                  X Resolution 0.987

                  Y Resolution 0.987



edit: if anyone wants info on this I can provide some pictures.

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