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Thanks Guys!!!! not sure what they paid but I will try and find out, Farmers have enough problems they didn't want JD coming after them,They had a friend do most of the design but we had to tweak/clean it a little and make a couple changes to their original used Inkskape We did like fifteen sweatshirts and a couple tank tops plus so far six of their vehicles with more to do in the future as they are getting things ready for this years farming season, And definitely a weeding nightmare!!! haha Thanks again

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If you look at it and think it resembles a JD logo then you are bumping up against copyright and trademark laws that have the potential to land you in a lawsuit. There are people who copy stuff all the time and seem to get away with it but IMO it's not worth the risk. In a lot of ways it depends on the application. I have a "Hardly (not Harley) Davidson" logo that I built to poke fun at a home built bobber bike I built a few years back, I still wear it on my own clothes but I don't sell it 'cause I want to keep my house. 

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