Are there any Mac users out there?

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I'll email owner an ask question, thanks. How do you take a design in Adobe creative suite

5 to vinyl master cutting program? thanks. The bids up to $152 now with 21 watching.

just read that it's missing a disk with the fonts and stock photography! Rats

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You just save it in the file format that whatever particular cutting program likes. Many of the cutting programs have plug-ins that will let you just send it straight to the cutter through AI. That is assuming you have your cutter hooked to your mac. 


Signcut Pro which I use likes AI 8 which is an older version of AI before the CS designations started. Some of the other programs I have used prefer even older like version 3. SCALP which USCutter has sold (may still be selling) will accept native CS5 I think. (that was about the only good thing I ever thought about it). I don't know what Cutting Master likes. You can also export as EPS or SVG or PDF or DXF and a whole slew of other options except native Corel (cdr). AI will open most anything except some proprietary files such as cdr.


Once you learn the program it's handy as all get out. I use it to make everything from Christmas cards to flyers and all of my pre-sale mock-ups. 

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