Am I the only person who has modified their MH series?

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I have an MH 871 and there were a handful of things that always bothered me about it, so I changed them haha. This is all in addition to the obligatory grounding modifications. Which came after the first motherboard was fried and further grounding after the second motherboard and carriage.


The first was the measuring strip on the front of the machine. If I didn't feed 4-5" before starting the job it would catch that strip every time without fail and sometimes cause problems with the job itself. I hate wasting material so something else had to be done. My first "fix" (spur of the moment) was to fold up the edge of the vinyl after getting it loaded into the machine. This became annoying quickly and wasn't always effectinve so I also taped pieces of paper to the front of the machine to smooth over the lip created by the measuring strip. This worked but was also annoying, especially if I was trying to figure out how far apart I needed to run the pinch rollers. Shortly after that I got so fed up with it that I pulled it off and re-glued it above the carriage track. Now there's nothing for the vinyl to catch on and i still have a size reference on the front of the machine!


Next was the media rollers. Every time I switched rolls I had to readjust it to line up with the far right side pinch roller. So I took a small strip of vinyl and ran it right next to where the roll should be placed so there's no adjustment needed after loading it.


Lastly was the cheap wheels that come with the stand. They didn't swivel properly and half the time would just slide across my floor. So I went out to home depot and snagged a set of wheels designed for nice hardwood floors (softer wheel material). Not only do the always swivel and roll but the locks are also much easier to use.



Anyone else do things to their machine to make it a little more pleasant to use?

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Yes, that tapemeasure strup is annoying.

I also removed and repositioned it.


The one thing that was important to me was a media catch-basket.

I built my own.



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