Tracing Your Photos of Copyrighted stuff

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So in other words anything you can see cant be used. Good thing the world isnt that anal just yet. But its getting there.

The world is that bad but they just haven't found a way to catch everybody yet.

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" My take on " Hardley Davidson " ( quote feature won't work ) is " Hardley Ableson " :lol: . I have had fun with the Harley crowd and buddy's for a long time . I tell them that they call them Harleys instead of motorcycles because they don't have enough motor ... I like fast sport bikes , but have owned Harleys . 1 I should have kept was a special paint edition V-Rod that was red with gold flames that had 750 miles on it ( out the door price was $26K and I bought it for $8K . A 2003 100 year anniversery model I bought in 2012 ) . A buddy offered me a $2 profit and he owns it still .

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