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Normally I can create a vector image in Inkscape, save it as a SVG and then save as an EPS and things work correctly. Something went wrong this time. I created my image, all simple vectors, but when I do a save as EPS the resulting EPS is a raster image.


I tried coping the image and pasting it into a new document and then save as EPS, no change. I tried changing the save as EPS settings and nothing made a difference. I found a suggestion online to draw a white square behind the image. Tried that, this time I got a vector white square and a raster image on top of it.


I eventually gave up, started a new document, put a red square down, copied my original vector image to the new document and did a series of unions and differences between the original image and the red square to recreate my original image. I then saved the file as an EPS and it came out correctly. The EPS file was a vector file.


I have no idea why this happened or why what I did fixed the problem. Anyone ever run into something like this?

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