Best way to layer this logo?

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Hello all,


I am trying to figure out the best way to layer the attached logo and get it setup correctly to cut. In the past I had just cut out the various colors then aligned as best I could but I'm not happy with the results as there are little gaps in various spots, I can never get a perfect seam.


I was thinking the blue first, then the black, then pink, then yellow.


Only issue I'm having at this point is I can't get the blue to completely fill in so that I'm left with basically a big blue circle. I was attempting to just draw a new one to substitute in but it's actually not a perfect circle and was just having issues getting a good alignment... I'm still learning on the vector side of things, so I'm not sure if I am making things harder on myself or if this one is just a doozy!


I'm using Corel if it matters...


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If I was doing it I`d make all the lines match, circle to  circle, curve to curve, straight line to straight line and so forth.

Then no trouble layering.



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You're not 'layering' with this layout, your butting colors up against each other instead of layering over the top


I would cut a large black solid circle and the black text as the bottom layer.


I would then cut all the blue oceans as one piece


I'd cut the pink/red parts all as one layer (including the area behind the yellow) and that would be the 3rd layer.


Final/Top layer would be the yellow swooshes.


To put it all together, you would pick up the yellow layer (with reg. marks), layer that on the pink/red layer, pick that up and layer it on top of the blue layer and then peel that all off and lay it on top of the black.


It's so much easier to do it that way vs. trying to perfectly butt one color up against another.


Or, you could sub it out to someone to print it for you...

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Actually OWJones, that's exactly how I am setting it up to do now. After playing with the logo some more I realized the black would be the best background layer with the blue on top. We'll see how it goes! Just finished weeding all the material so getting ready to tape and start the application.


I will eventually be printing these, been shopping around for a good used printer to start out with. I actually do a ton of work with this organization but unfortunately each job is kind of unique in size, so no real way for me to efficiently buy a batch of prints.


Thank you for the response mark-s and OWJones!

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