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unable to cut

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Hello my friend bought out a sign shop and has never done this before...just doing it as a side thing for fun to make graphics for our race cars and friends race cars.

Anyways I am just helping him with setting it all up because I am more tech savvy than him. He has a Roland gx-500 cutter and a Mimaki jvc-something (forgot the exact numbers) printer.

Anyways the pc is on windows 7 64 bit ultimate and I have photoshop and illustrator on it. But I could not get this flexisign 8.1 to install on 7 so I ran xp mode inside win7 and it installed just fine.

Well new problems arise...the cutter is detected inside xp mode because it is USB. But the printer is 1394 port and cannot be detected in XP mode nor will parallel work in XP mode (looked it up on Microsoft's website) so I have ordered a 1394 to usb adapter...hoping it MAY work frown.png

anyways the problem we are having now is just getting the cutter to work. I can't get anything to send to the cutter and cut. Like I said earlier it is connected via usb and is installed and shows up in the printers and faxes. When I tell it to cut in flexisign and send it to the cutter nothing happens...

so my question is how do I set the cutter up inside the flexisign program? I selected the cutter he has but I am not sure if I am selecting the correct port in the setup...tried all usb0,01,02. LPT's, etc. all of them and nothing cuts..I looked through the manual and didn't find anything that helped me here.

Please help noob here just helping out a friend. Thank You for reading

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Have you tried downloading the driver and reinstalling? May just be a driver issue. Mot sure about thoes cutters but I know my uscutter sc series does not show as a printer. Doesnt even show unless I look under device manager.. I would check on drivers. Download and install. Worth a try.

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