weathered iron on vinyl

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So I have done a few tshirts and they are looking good thanks to the help of the members on here. Now im constantly walking around looking at peoples tshirts and going through the process of how it could be made - so yeah, thanks for that :P


One quick question however - iron on vinyl is all nice and good but often a bit to clean and crisp - is there a product out there which has a more worn, almost vintage feel? I know it can be achedived through the design by adding distress to the type for example but distressed type and shiny bright colors almost cancel out the effect im looking for.


Maybe that look is more of a silkscreen approach but just curious, is there is a really thin vinyl that looks faded? - do i just need to wash the shirt several hundred times, has anyone experimented with this, left the tshirt in a bucket of water overnight?


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