Been lurking, newbie almost ready for action.

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Hi All,

So a while back I decided I needed to add something light and flexible to my sales.
I attend many auto meets annually, and heavy, greasy, nasty parts become less pleasant
to unload, reload, and haul as I have gotten older.

So, I have just purchased several items to make this become reality.
I do have a Cutter here, and intend to use it for my initial foray into
this arena......  with a desire to step into a Roland as soon as some income
moves into my Sticker account.

Some of you are already very familiar to me, and as an observer
this group of folks are exceptionally helpful.

So, thank yoy all for how you have already assisted my choices,
AND, thank you in advance for the help you will be as this very green
amatuer enters the cutting arena.

p.s.  I have not yet even fired up my cheap used cutter.  I am awaiting
the arrival of a new computer dedicated to cutting, as well as Corel Draw x6,
and an initial vector collection.

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Thank You ALL for the welcome. 

Slice and Dice......  There is a program referred to here that many speak highly of,
which is now non-supported because the creator passed.  My intent is to search for
the links to download it.

I have not done such yet, because I wanted to wait and stabilize the new computer,
with its new programs.  Once I get comfortable with my new programming, I intend to
begin the process of setting up, and making many mistakes on the way to making this
a successful sticker operation.


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No need to search -- the link is here  (install v6 first, then the UK, and run the patch, eliminating start-up nag screens)

(disable your anti-virus because it feels that patch is an issue -- it isn't)


I use that program exclusively, in a full-service sign making shop.

It's not a complicated application to utilize, and you won't be encountering "mistakes" -- this is a fairly straightforward process to master.

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This post has been editted by me.

After posting it, I realized that I has "outted" another company
and that it may not have been a proper thing to do.

The person I dealt with may have had a bad day...
OR.. have misrepresented their Companies attitude etc.

AND, when I read things like I posted, I always wonder
why somebody had to go public....  Bad on my part


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Oops....  Slice....  Thank You for posting that link and saving me the search time. :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

I knew that program was posted in here many times.  I had simply
not yet prioritized it for action.

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Hello and welcome from west Virginia . You will find signblazer very easy to use the biggest problem I have found is that some of the newer design software is not supported and must be opened in an older version but all and all a good software .


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