The purpose of this forum is to provide a friendly public place for people interested in vinyl cutting and related activities, as well as people who are just a fan of USCutter, to gather and share their work or ask/answer questions posed by your fellow vinyl cutting enthusiasts. Generally, people are in the vinyl cutting business for profit or to promote them-self or their organization. As such, there is a line that we must not cross when it comes to what we post here.   I have noticed there has been a lot of confusion and some outright intentional ignorance of the rules regarding copyrighted material. The simple answer is that if you did not personally create an image then you need to keep it private and do not advertise that you can get it for someone. If you want to publicize it for others to use then reference the original creator so that people can get it from the source. If you do not know the original creator then you should not be posting it in a place that encourages others to use it, who will then claim they got it from you, which is obviously a problem if you did not create it.   There is nothing wrong with finding an image and using it for yourself, but if you are posting it in a public forum and encouraging others to take it when it does not belong to you in the first place then you are robbing the original creator of the credit they deserve and you are deceiving others into thinking you yourself are the one who made it. If the original creator gets no credit then they get no repeat business.   Lying on the forum, or feigning ignorance, about a copyrighted item you are posting is never going to fly. So, please do not do this. All reports are thoroughly investigated. So, pretending not to know the image you are posting belongs to someone else just wastes everyone's time and gives everyone a bad experience. We want everyone to be able to enjoy the forum. but that is not possible if there is any illegal activity going on here. If you are caught continuously posting/offering copyrighted material after having already been warned then you could lose your right to post entirely.   This might seem strict, but it is standard policy with any copyrighted material anywhere in the US.   Please keep these things in mind. If you have any questions about this feel free to ask.