Help-sublimation on poly shirts

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Hope someone can help me.  I have been doing sublimation for about a month and I have everything figured out so far.  I am now trying to do poly shirts and they are getting marks on them from the press plates.  I have read that there is a foam available, but the order needs to be done by Monday, so I am not able to get the foam.  Anyone have any suggestions?!?!?

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There is foam to put inside the tee spacificly designed for this problem.  Conde or Coastal have it.  I cut  the foam to size and put it inside two pieces of parchment taped together. Sublmiation bleeds.  That was the only way I could get rid of the lines.

Sublimation and tee shirts are not a walk in the park but the end results are amazing. The artwork does not crack or feel heavy.  It becomes part of the shirt.  

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