New GraphTec CE-6000 24/40/60/120 Any Info on it?

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My 5 year old Laserpoint finally started giving me trouble, so I upgraded to the CE-6000/ 24" model. I also ordered a MH-721 as a backup. The Graphtec is a pretty sweet machine. No more rounded corners or unclosed cuts for this guy. The noise level is like night and day. Expecially the MH-721, which sounds like a robot having a three-way with a fax machine and a dial-up modem.


The catch basket from the Laserpoint fits perfectly on the Graphtec. The rods sit right on bracket for the media holder.



It's going to take some time to get use to the different controlls and settings, but it's worth it. I have it running with SignBlazer Elements under the Copam CP-2500 driver.

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Congratulations on your purchase, nice machine.  If you haven't done so, download the Graphtec Cutting controller, and make your changes from there, right from your computer.  Speed, Force, Quality, Blade offset.  And then you will find when you start an order on your machine, your really don't have to change any settings on your machine. or at least not much. All I ever change is the speed and force from time to time. When I do an order. And I do it right from my computer.

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