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Can't get MH871 to cut after 3.040 update

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Has anyone had a problem with the 3.040 update? I updated yesterday morning and when I tried to cut to my MH 871, all it would do is make a couple ticks and sounds. Having a project I needed to cut, I restored back to the 3.039 version and it cut perfectly.

Today i thought I would try the 3.040 update again, figuring the prior update download somehow got corrupted in the process, but I still cannot get it to cut, it just make a couple ticks and sounds and does not move. I even tried re-installing the SCALP program.

Am I missing something? All prior updates have worked fine for me.

I did place an email to the support desk.

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Support desk got back to me the same day and sent me a link to version 3.041, which fixed the problem.

Super customer service and support by Craft Edge! :thumbsup::thumbsup:

SCALP is getting better and better!

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