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Help, I have no downforce

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Hi, this forum has been a great aid to me over the last 5 years but maybe this time it might be my plotter is wore out. I have no down force, You can crank as much down force as it has and its like the blade is just glideing across the vinyl.

I've checked to make sure the wheels are in the track , thats all good. When I use to turn it off and then turn it on the cutter head would kinda snap to attention, now it just kinda rolls the vinyl on the pinch rollers and the cutterhead doesn't move like it use to. Its will still go back and forth on the track, just no pressure.

My set up

Refine MH721

com3 connection

flexi starter

windows 7

this plotter is 5yrs old, it was bought in 07, maybe its reach its end?

any help is greatly appreciated

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got the part saturday, installed and no change. I ordered a new MH871 on Saturday and it arrived today. cudos to UScutter for the quick shipments.

I'm still not cutting action with the new plotter. I have installed the sign blazer software and waiting for a conformation code to be emailed to me.

I'm using the usb, com 3 port, I'm also using flexi starter, when I try to cut something , I get a "cant open port" in the production manager. Any ideas?

thanks in advance

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?? a confirmation code for what? Signblazer is an unlimited trial. There is no confirmation code for it. The company is no longer in business. Just download it and use it. The owner passed away a few years back.

cannot open port.? Make sure your numbers are matching up in your device manger and Flexi software. Save your self some aggravation, but it on a serial connection like a Keyspan adapter, and be done with it. Make sure you grounded your cutter to the stand if you have one.

Have you followed all the steps here?

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