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Hey guys, just looking for some insight. I have Flexisign Pro 8.1V1 and I love the software but just ordered some Papilio vinyl to print on and can't find where to put registration marks from it to contour cut w/ my Graphtec CE-5000-60 cutter. I have not tried contour cutting till now and am running into trouble finding it. I also read a post doing a search on this topic about adding new setup and clicking on my desktop printer, I don't find any in the drop down menu, I attribute it to the version of flexi I have. Thanks JP

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1. Select the item you want to contour cut around

2. under the Effects drop down select Contour Cut

3. Go to Design Central

A. you can choose Contour, Rectangle or Ellipse

B. You can choose how far out you want the cut from the graphic. You can even cut negative so the cut will take a little of the grapcic.

C. If you want to cut out the holes in side the letters check the box marked with holes.

D. Choose weather you want rounded corners or square corners.

E. When you get that set click the green check

4. To add the registration marks click the rip print icon on the top tool bar.

A. In there you can select the Graphtec Plotter.

B. Below where you select the plotter is a drop down menu to choose the type of registration marks.

Note: If you want to use your path edit tools on the contour cut right click on the graphic you want to edit the cut and click Separate Countour Cut. Now the edit path tools will work on the countour cut.

That's as far as i can tell you because I don't have a printer so my rip/print section is not setup.

Hope this helps.

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This is great. I was just talking to my brother about doing some contour cutting of some graphics for his company but wasn't sure how. Thanks!

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