needs pricing o small PVC signs

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Hi friends, I Need help pricing a 5 signs of 1/4 pvc , they are 16" x 5" . Are on one color vinyl and says "reserved parking (and the name of employees below).

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Well you should try to find them pre cut if possible. If you can't find them I really don't know how you should cut them. I have a CNC router that I would use to cut them, but to manually cut them from pvc, I really don't know. I'm sure someone on here should have the correct suggestion.

Is it hard like PVC tubing? If so, it may be possible to make a pattern from wood or something semi rigid and score the PVC sheet and them snap the edges off then sand them down. Doesn't sound like it would be clean enough though. A jig saw with a fine blade would do the job and then finish with a sanding. A band saw would work with the right band as well. Again though, I'm not sure how perfect they would come out with these methods, and you don't want to melt it.

Anybody know a good way to do this?

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