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Clear Heat Resistant Transfer Tape?

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I have a client that puts their logo decals on all the equipment that they manufacture. Their products are farm and ranch equipment like corrals, chutes and the like. They are requesting a clear transfer tape to make it easier to align the decals. The problem is that they apply the decals just after they do a baked on heat process and it melts the clear tape I use. The decal seems to survive the heat but the tape melts to the decal.

I told them I would research to see if such a product even exists. So far I have not found anything that says heat resistant so I doubt that there is one. If I can't find something clear that won't melt, they are willing to go back to paper transfer tape but I wanted to see if I could accommodate them if possible. They are my first really big account and I want to go out of my way to make sure they are happy. ;D

Oh and I have no idea why they don't let the metal cool down for awhile before applying the decals. I guess they have just always done it that way and it didn't make a difference when using the paper transfer tape.

Thanks for any help!


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