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Material for "airbrush tattoo" stencils

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Looking for a material that I can cut with my Graphtec that will be suitable for making stencils to be used for "airbrush tattoos". Basically a stencil that can be held against human skin and let us spray on a quickie design using food grade ink or paints. Needs to be re-usable numerous times and since it will be manually held in place while spraying, the adhesive (or lack thereof) shouldn't be an issue.

I am looking at the Oracal Oramask line of products and I'm thinking Oramask 811 may be the way to go. It has a low-tack water based adhesive, but a little corn starch should keep it from sticking to anyone's skin.

Has anyone used this and can they comment on how rigid it actually is? I can't imagine 3 mil PVC can be all that rigid, just would prefer it to not be floppy.

Has anyone used any other materials for this purpose that they can recommend?


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