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I don't know much about Signcut itself, but maybe try a different file format? pdf, ai, svg, something like that? If you need it converted to any of those, let me know.

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In Corel, ungroup your graphic then go to the VIEW drop down menu and click on Wireframe.

Now all you will see are outlines of the objects on your fills.

These outlines are the cut lines for your cutter.

If your object has both line and fill, you will see this in wireframe view

and you can eliminate those extra cut lines.

If the extra layers are exactly on top of one another you won't see them until you delete one.

If you select one object, hit delete and the outline have hidden layers.

Delete until you get to only one.

If you remember that what you see in wireframe is EXACTLY where your cutter blade

is going you can correct many things before ruining good vinyl.


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