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SignCut Pro Crashes Everytime I use the contour cut option....

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Is anyone else having trouble with SIgnCut Productivity Pro when they try and contour cut? It crashes every time I go through the process of marking the three registration points. I can cut regular vector files with no problems, but every time I go through the contour cutting options, the program crashes.

I am using an SC 25 from US Cutter on a iMac running Lion. I have the direct USB connection. Side note: I am able to calibrate without issue using the arrow keys on screen and the keyboard, so I don't think it's a communication problem.

I spoke with a tech at Sign Cut Pro and they said the Laser Option was not supported for the SC Cutters in the current version but would be in the new release.... But I have seen too many videos showing it working so I wanted to make sure there wasn't some other issue. I was wondering if anyone is able to do it using maybe an older version of the OSX (Pre-Lion)?

I am using the 1.95 BETA build which is what was included with the cutter....

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