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First dye-sub job

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A few weeks back I bought a used Epson WF1100 printer pre-configured with dye-sub inks from forum member kysportsxchange. It took me longer than expected to get around to getting it all setup, mainly due to having to work double shifts at my real job, then 100+ degree temps keeping my upstairs workshop from being a pleasant place to stay in any longer than necessary (I really need to invest in a window A/C unit for that room!).

I got it out of the box, setup and refilled the ink cartridges with the dye sub inks he included. It took me a few cycles of nozzle testing/head cleaning to get it all working (ok, it took TWO cycles AFTER I checked and discovered the Cyan cartridge was empty) and then it worked like a charm. All I had to test it with was some 11x17" transfer pages and mouse pads that he had included with the printer.

I printed out a picture of a friend's dog and heat pressed it onto a mouse pad and delivered it to her this afternoon. She was very happy with how it turned out.

Now I need to order some other blank imprintables and start marketing my new product line!


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