hello- new to the sandblast world

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Hello Everyone, I have never joined a forum before so I hope this works. I am a newby sandblaster and have jumped in with both feet. I work with glass and stone, both with blastmask and photoresist. Currently I have a mentor who has all the equipment but I am now starting to get my own together.

I purchase a magnum force cutter package from SCM, but I still haven't been able to use it after more than a month. The people at APD have been great, sending replacement pieces and working with me to try to get it working but.... The company I purchased it from has been sketchy in their help. It was advertised as being compatible with corelDraw but now I find that was corel 11 & 12 (old, old, old!!) and since I am using Corel X5 it won't work.

I need a plottercutter (affordable) that has a minimum of 500 gr pressure as I only cut mask, not vinyl. Also I am looking for a photoresist UV letralite if anyone knows an inexpensive retailer of 1.

I am really looking forward to reading about your hints, tips and experiences


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Welcome to the forum. I sandblast glass more than I do vinyl work. On that note I only use cheap vinyl for my mask, even when doing mirrors. Once again welcome.

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Have you tried vinyl to mask your work? I bet itll work just fine. Anyways as far as I know, most any cutter will cut that hard, if not just adjust the blade depth and itll be fine.

Welcome to the forum.

If you want, I can cut you something with some of the scrap vinyl I have and send it to you to try and see if it holds up good enough.

PM me

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