1/32" Thick Wool Paper

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Does anyone know of a cutter that can deal with a material like this? It is similar to felt, perhaps a bit towards the papery side of that. Will rip fairly easily, so two concerns are depth of cut and ability to resist tearing.

I have about 60 different autocad DXF files that I have been using to drive a waterjet for production of metal parts, and would like to create matching wool paper parts.

Would be great if there was a cutter solution for this that I could feed 24-36" rolls into, but I'm open to other solutions.

Any suggestions are gratefully appreciated. Thanks.

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I think .03" is thicker than most vinyl cutters are recommended for. If you send me a sample I would be willing to try it on my machine. There are specialized cutters for doing this type of work. We have a Zund cutter where I work and we do this type of cutting. It will even cut hard composite materials.


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