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Hello everyone, I'm a newbee and I would like to think you all for the vast amount of information avalible on this forum. I recently purchase an SC Cutter (25) and a heat press from US Cutter. I must say you guys are truly gifted and creative. I decided to purchase my equipment as a way to bond more with my kids. They are loving the projects so far, mainly t-shirts. I have even sold a couple of tees to co-workers. I still have much to learn and love reading the comments and looking at others work. A coworker asked me to print a logo of his union organization, but im having some difficulty cleaning up the logo in Inkscape. If someone could please clean-up this logo and create an additional file in black/white it will truly be appreciated.

Thanks Alotpost-24253-0-83015900-1338866126.gif

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Hi and good luck.

Here's a suggestion for you to try something new --- (assuming you have SignBlazer)

Create a sign for your neighborhood, warning people to SLOW DOWN FOR CHILDREN.

In SignBlazer, use the Library clip art: Signs category.

Yellow coroplast is one option (24" square diamond) but also MaxMetal yellow could be used.

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