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Too often, people search for answers on these boards and when they figure it out, they fail to follow up, leaving others in the same perdicament to wonder how they did it. So, I will not be so selfish and share what I have figured out...

I have a MH1351 cutter with a broken USB port. Instead of fixing it, I decided to get a serial cable because no setup was neccesary. (supposedly) When I set up Signblazer to use Blazer: Com1, I got the error message "Can't initialize output device", Tried everything suggested on this site to figure it out to no avail, so I did some experimenting and stumbled on a solution. Here's what I did:

I installed a random printer in XP (doesn't matter which one because you are not using it) and set it to link to Com port 1 during setup. Now, when I open Signblazer >Cut >Setup, there is now COM1 listed at the bottom of the list as well as Blazer:Com 1...I have had NO problems cutting while using this COM1 instead of BlazerCom1...I saved the setup in the Setup screen as well, just in case the Com1 option disappears again...

Hopefully, this will help someone else whose pulling their hair out trying to fix the same problem...Good Luck! :rolleyes:

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Think of your com port like a hose, and the driver like your faucet valve... if you don't turn on the right valve you still have nothing- make sure you have the correct driver so you're piping the right data through to your hose in the correct manner.

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