Question about airbrush stencils

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OK,, I want to use my PCut to cut airbrush stencils,,, I figure inkjet photo paper would be a good stencil material,, yes or no? I have been experimenting,, don't know how far to push it, my latest attempt was 20 cut speed,, 225 pressure, with a 45deg blade, doesn't get it done yet,, but it is very close. I have 60deg blades ordered,, but don't have them yet. What are your thoughts,, should I increase pressure,, wait for the 60s, or use a different material. I have hand cut photo paper,, and they are reusable, but if I can cut with the PCut that is better for me. I have some thin cutting sheets that came from Bed Bath and beyond,, ( I think that is where the wife got them, but I don't want to ask yet,, 'cause she doesn't know they are "missing") I use repositionable adhesive to hold the material while it is being cut.



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i bought some stuff from it is a bit costly but works great. here is what i got:

Ultra-Cut IITM -

Economical, Reusable, General Purpose Stencil Material. Clay coated polyethylene bonded to our ultra-removable/repositionable, light tack adhesive and applied to a heavy backing. This 8.5 mil, semi-rigid plastic conforms easily to curved or irregular surfaces, lightly holds itself in place and is impervious to inks, paints or stains. Ultra-Cut Stencils easily outlast traditional stencil board by many times. The surface coating prevents runs and smears common with most plastic stencils while the adhesive contact produces extremely high quality stencil images. Fully recyclable, safe and non-toxic.

not sure if USC has anything on this line wish they did

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