Yes, you can cut directly from Corel (12, x3, x4 and x5)

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I just posted a reply to this question and then thought I'd start a new topic here where it belongs. This question comes up all the time and this plugin does seem to work with a pcut CT series.


The Chinese pcut site does have a Corel-pcut plugin available. You lose some of the nicer functionality of cutting from better software such as SB, but it does seem to work. I have it installed but use SB myself. To use it effectively, you have to follow the instructions included (pdf file) to set it up. See here:


They also now have a beta stage plugin for Illustrator in case any is interested...

And; the Honk Kong Creation site also has a Corel plugin. I have not tried this one. The instructions seem to be in Chinese so I ahve no idea if the plugin works in English. Might be worth a try though. See here:


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