Am I doing something wrong? CorelDraw x5 to MH 721 cutter

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I am pulling my hair out over this!!!!!!!!!

I've been designing and cutting maybe a year now. I use CorelDraw x5 to design and export to SignBlazer for cutting.

What's the problem you ask? When I import to SignBlazer there are nodes that are created that are not in the original and it takes me hours to delete them. I think that all my problems will be solved if I were able to cut directly from CorelDraw.

I have an MH 721 ( and a USB to Serial adapter cable (http://www.usbfirewi...rr-usb-017.html).

How can I cut directly from CorelDraw. I have been trying to find drivers, install my MH 721 as a printer and I've got nothing accomplished. I've literally been trying to accomplish this for 3 weeks. I think I've read every forum here on the topic and have tried to follow them all to no avail. Can anyone explain to me from Step 0 to completion?

I read responses here (http://forum.uscutte...ack-cut-direct/) and hope someone can help can help fix this

My equipment:

PC- Inspiron mini -

Cutter - MH 721 -

Null modem cable -

Scanner cable - (not used when trying setup printing)


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Sign Cut Pro or any other plugin for Corel will do the job.

Only a few machines can be used with PRINTER drivers.

If for the MH there is none I do not know.

If export from Corel as .svg and import in SB as svg does that gives extra nodes?

I cant imagen it does but can you show us the differences.

Many use SB to print the Corel files.


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You can use signtools4 it is a plug in for corel i dount have the money to pay for it but i heard is one of the best just google it let us know if you buy it.

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i use coreldraw x4 with the roland gx-500 printer driver through a USB cable. my mh-721 works like a charm, you can cut directly from corel very easily!

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