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I have to do a 4x8 sign on E panel painted bright yellow sign,red letters, and a arrow. Just going to lay down paint mask 811 oracal and spray it. I have no idea how to price a sign like this. Does anyone out there do hand painted signs? what do you charge for them? This sign in the picture is only 4 to 5 years old, and she had a vinyl one befor this that lasted a couple of years. so im going to give her a painted one with a car finish over it. Hopeing it will last a bit longer.


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I usually take me entire cost and x by 3 to get the total charge.

That's if I were to print the entire image on one piece of vinyl and then

laminated. Masking and painting is a little more labor intensive so I

Would have to charge more.

Based on the image you provided, It looks to me like a painted sign. I

would use a long term cast vinyl, not a calendared vinyl or what ever

she had to experienced.

Printed and laminated, would last a lot longer than 4 to 5 years.

Actually, I can think of a few I have done nearly 8+ years ago that

still look no diff than the day I made them.

I use to paint signs and when I did, I used dupont and PPG. Yup,

actual vehicle paint. I found them to last the longest for sure.

"but", keep in mind that paint needs a primer / base for paint to

grab onto or it will last about as long as a calendared vinyl. Even

if your using a substrait / alluminum complosit sheet made for paint

or vinyl.

So, to answer your question, charge for material "paint, masking,

thinners, hardiners, mixing supplies, cleaners and substrait."

Job time "minimum of two hours of labor if your experienced with

Painting and masking", and delivery and instalation.....just like any

other job really.

I haven't painted in a long time. Thank God for wide format printing

and high quality vinyl :)

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Well your really not "Hand Painting" that being said. Take your masking and multiple by square feet and times by mark up add your paint and thinner etc... It'll take you more time to clean the gun then to paint it. You'll want to shoot a bleeder coat of the base color first and let it dry. And I'll tell ya this Red Oxidizes like no other color... well maybe brown. So you'll want to paint it at least twice and use a good bulletin paint not hardware store junk. Could also roll it instead of spraying that will eliminate the need to completely cover every inch of the panel. I know this is not a price but I hope this helps some.

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True Snapper not hand painting it :). I do enough airbrushed signs don't want to get into too many hand painted 4x8 s lol. It is sad to see the hand painted sign industry go by the wayside since all the new vinyl printed signs. It is a big part of history we are loosing. We had a old sign painter here but passed away right after doing a sign. And on a side note it was the first sign i remade in vinyl that he did when he passed. would have loved to learn the ropes of hand painting the old way. But enough of my ramblings thanks for the tips.

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