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New MH721 Carriage won't move

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It seems there's few looking at the official thread so I figure it might be best I post this here.

I just received my MH721 28" plotter Friday night and to my dismay the right panel was broken (more accuracy, all the plastic around the screws were broken).

I could ignore this however when I tried to get it to work the Carriage that holds the blade would not move left or right on the arm. I can hear it trying to be moved however I believe that the top of it is rubbing against the edge of the large gray bar at the top.

Is this a problem anyone else has experienced? Is it something that's easily fixable without having to ship back the unit for repair?

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make sure the carriage white wheels are firmly in the track, sometimes come out during transport.


Thanks; I checked and all three wheels are inside their respective V shaped tracks (1 top, 2 bottom.)

When I move it by hand it moves easily on the left side of the unit but has strong resistance on the right side. I can hear what I assume is the top of the carriage sliding against the gray top bar when its on the right side.

When its turned on I hear a rough sound as if it cannot move and the Carriage jerks/ vibrates from the belt being pulled but not moving.

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