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I ordered the 8 in 1 heat press from us cutter 09/08/2011 and so far it has ran great. However yesterday (1/9/12) I printed 14 shirts and it worked fine, heating up to 325 degrees fahrenheit and perfectly pressing all shirts. Then today I turned it on to finish an order of shirts that I'm working on and it won't heat up past 60 degrees Fahrenheit. All the settings are still the same, and I've tried many different outlets, but the heating plate won't get hotter then 60 degrees. Why is this happening? What can you do to help me fix this? I noticed on your forum someone else who bought the 6 in 1 had the exact same problem. Did he have his problem resolved? I need to finish these shirts by wednesday, so if there is any quick fixes let me know!

Top Shelf Steve

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