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Ok i have been using this cutter for the past yr when no problems. Just recently. It's starting to stop cutting for a brief second and when it starts it doesn’t resume its path just cuts a straight line. I talked with support they said it doesn't normally happen until this thing is at least 5 years old. Said it might be my image so i went and downloaded the image again it worked for bit. and now it's doing it for just about all my cuts. If the cut is simple it doesn't do it.

I just cut a 24*24 decal out and it's trashed. I also had to recently slow the cutter down to 30 at 40 where i have been running out just started skipping. even with new blades and the pressure up so high it would cut through the vinyl in certain areas.

It's getting to the point i have to cut two of any item and hope 1 will cut out correct. i just cut 4 items and two were bad.



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